We create modern, original artworks that are professionally hand painted on canvas. Our artworks are not prints on canvas. So for the price of a print you’ll get the beauty of textured brushstrokes, a natural sheen from paint and an original work of  art.

Artworks Painted to Order

Our gallery allows you to choose from a series of existing, original artworks that are then replicated by hand. This means that you get the benefit of ordering a style of art you want with the flexibility to request customisations.

We can create any artwork, in any design, colour or size….

  • Choose Colours to Suit Your Interior, from our gallery or something different.
  • Select from our Canvas Sizes, or send us any size you want!
  • Tweak the Shapes, lines or layouts to suit your style.
  • Anything else to make the artwork suit your needs!
OR feel free to send us a picture of other artwork you’ve seen and commission us to create something similar! Read more about our affordable art commissions >>

Affordable & Cheap Prices

Our prices are lower because we replicate our original designs. This means we do not have to spend the time planning and designing each artwork individually.

A significant cost of original artworks is the time it takes an artist to come up with a concept, trail techniques and develop the final artwork.

You are buying an original artwork that has already been painted before, so it excludes a lot of these developmental costs.

Unique Artworks

No two artworks are exactly the same as each piece will have it’s unique traits and textured effects from original brushstokes and painterly effects.

To ensure that your design remains quite unique we regularly update our gallery and guarantee that no more than 100 versions of any one artwork will be created.

Quality Materials

We use quality materials to achieve the same impression as you would see in more expensive artworks.

Ready to find your artwork?