Here are some of our typical activities we host for our art team building events;

Warm Up Activities

Chinese Whispers Drawing

The aim of this game is to work as a team in different roles to replicate a drawing that only one team member can see. Assign roles to ream members as follows; 1 “looker”, 2 “communicators” and 1 “drawer”. The “looker” is given a picture. They need to describe the picture to the 1st “communicator”. The 1st “communicator” describes it to the 2nd “communicator” who then describes it to the “drawer”. The “drawer” then draws the picture as described.

Blind Drawing

The aim of this game is for two people to work together to copy a drawing that only one team member can see. The “drawer” in blindfolded and given paper and pen. The “looker” has to describe the picture to the drawer and help them translate the image.

Left (or Right!) Handed Drawing

A great way to remove perceived creative ability barriers. Everyone works together as a team using their non preferred hand to draw an object onto paper.

Team Pictionary

A word or phrase related to the industry are presented to the first designated drawer in each team. The drawer must draw the word and their team guess within 1 minute. No words, symbols or numbers or actions are allowed to be used.

Main Team Activity

Team Artworks

In small groups people work together to create artworks on canvas. These can be based on an overall theme to work together or completely individual. They can tie into your corporate values, illustrate your company vision or represent a current company theme or goal. A great way for teams to work together and creatively express themselves!

Team Mural

One huge canvas is supplied and everyone adds their own creative touch to it! This is a great “side-activity” for events or parties as the canvas and materials can be setup for the duration of the party for people to add to when they want!

Puzzle Artwork

Working in small teams or individually, participants are given a small canvas with random outlines. They then paint their own design using colours, textures and patterns. The group then need to work together to place their piece of the artwork into the right area to see an overall image.

Musical Artworks

Each participant is given a blank canvas and begins planning an artwork based on an overall theme. They then present their idea back to the group. Everyone begins painting the artwork. Then every 15 minutes music starts playing, everyone walks around the artworks and when the music stops they sit at another participants artwork and begin painting where they left off.

Individual artworks

Each participant is given a blank canvas. Our artist facilitator will give an overview of the theme or subject to be painted and then provide some training of different techniques to try out. Inner artists are unleashed as everyone creates their own masterpiece!

Presentations and Display

Most activities involve a presentation of the artwork to the group.

We can also arrange exhibitions within office spaces.

Artworks can be used in a variety of different ways;

  • Displayed in the office
  • Donated to charity
  • Taken home as a memento
  • Turned into corporate gifts, stationery, mouse mats etc..

These are just a few examples of the fun activities we can host for your art based team events. All of our events are customised to your needs, so we can always work with you to host different activities or combinations of the above.



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