Art rental is a flexible way to add a stylish touch to your interior. Because our artworks are already so affordable due to our unique paint to order process, this means that we can offer our original, hand painted artworks on canvas at the most affordable art rental prices.

We rent artworks to suit a variety of needs.

  • Office: To create a professional and stylish first impression to visitors to your office. Fees are 100% tax deductible.
  • Home: Add the finishing touch to your home’s interior.
  • Pre-Sale Home Staging: Creates a “wow” factor and visual impact that enhances the overall presentation of a home.
  • Rental Properties: Make your rental appear more luxurious and well appointed. Fees are 100% tax deductible.
  • Interior Designers: We know you’ll like the flexibility of changing artworks to suit your needs.

We have flexible rental terms to suit these differing needs.

  • Flexible durations: We offer rentals for any number of days, thats right 1 week to 1 year – whatever you need!
  • No minimum contract: We do not need a minimum contract fee to rent our work
  • Rent to Buy: At the end of your rental period you can elect to pay the difference in the original cost and own the artwork.
  • No fixed contract: If you no longer want to rent artwork, we can change the rental terms to suit you, the duration, rent to buy or return it to us and we’ll end the rental contract. We just need 1 weeks notice & we’ll adjust the contract to suit the new duration.
  • Cheap Art Rentals: Because our artworks are already priced so cheap (from $90) the rental of artwork is also cheap for original, hand painted quality artwork!

Artwork Rental Rates

Short Term (up to 3 months)

5% of the cost of an artwork per week from our online art gallery.

+ $50 Delivery

Medium Term (3 – 12 months)

10% of the cost of an artwork per month from our online art gallery.

+ $50 Delivery

Long Term (12+ months)

5% of the cost of an artwork per month.

+ $50 Delivery


How to Rent Your Artwork

Decide what artwork you want

Firstly you need to let us know what artwork you want. Browse through our online gallery to chose artworks that suit your space.

Or you can send us photos of your space, descriptions of colour schemes and floor plans and we can make recommendations for you.

Once we have your requirements and selected your artwork we will send you a quotation and agreement.

Approve the rental agreement

You just need to send us an email approving the agreement. Remember that you’re never locked into a contract you can terminate the agreement at any stage with 1 weeks notice.

Short Term Rental: All we need is payment of the agreed rental term + delivery fees

Medium Term Rental: Payment of the first month of the agreed rental term + delivery fees

Long Term Rental: Payment of the first 2 months of the agreed rental term + delivery fees

We’ll prepare the artworks for rental

Some of the artworks will need to be painted, so please allow 4-6 weeks for your artworks to be ready to rent.

We’ll then package the artwork and arrange delivery to you.

Hang your artwork & enjoy it!

All of our artworks come ready to hang with hanging cord or wire attached at the back. We do not need you to pay additional fees for professional installation of our artworks. We can assist you in finding an artwork installer if this is required.

At the end of the rental term

Rent to Buy: You can decide to pay the difference in rental to the current cost of the same artwork and buy the artwork.


Select New Artworks: You can choose a selection of new artworks to rent from our gallery. We will arrange return delivery of our existing artworks and prepare the new artworks to be delivered to you.


End the Agreement: Arrange delivery of the artwork back to us, we can assist if you like.

Request An Art Rental Quote

To get your ideal art rental quote please send your request below. We’ll get back to you within 48 hours….

Need help sooner? Call us on +61 (3) 9010 5576 and let’s chat about your artwork now!