Ideal Art was launched in Melbourne Victoria, in 2004 by Karen & Paul Beynon.  Their aim was to provide people with the chance to easily buy hand painted original modern art to suit their homes.

Over the last 8 years the artwork range has grown to contain over 100 original artwork designs. Ideal Art constantly refresh the gallery with new styles to keep up with current interior trends and ensure that only a limited number of the same design are created.

Key Dates

2004: Website Launched

Online gallery was launched with a small selection of 20 original affordable arworks.

2005: New Services Added

In a response to peoples feedback and needs, new services were introduced.

  • Preview In Your Room: This encouraged people to send a photo of their room and a photo of the artwork would be super-imposed into the room to give the impression of what the artwork would look like in the space.
  • Art Gift Vouchers: As many people were requesting gifts and found it difficult to choose artwork for someone else, Ideal Art began to offer gift vouchers.
  • Affordable Commissions: In order to meet the specific needs of their customers, an affordable commission service was launched. Designed to be an easy, non-intimidating process that allows people to customise art to suit their needs.

The gallery continued to expand with over 30 new artwork designs.

2006-2010: Gallery Expands

For the next few years Ideal Art focussed on expanding their gallery and added over 40 new artwork designs.

2011: Art Team Building and Events

After a request to run a painting activity event for one of their customers childrens party, Ideal Art identified an opportunity to design and facilitate 100% customised and tailored art and team building events.

2012: Updated Website

A new look ideal art website was launched with;

  • Updated look and feel, easier to use
  • New artworks added to the gallery
  • Ability to order artwork online
  • New logo